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The central theme of my artwork is the beauty of the human life cycle, and the vehicles I use to express my thoughts are the seeds, which are small and insignificant at the beginning, but under proper nurturing, can grow into fully developed organisms that sustain other lives. Each of my artwork represents certain aspects of human lives, which are illustrated by figures of seeds of various shapes, sizes and colors. I create the shapes by dots, circles and organic forms that flow freely. The curves that I use represent gentleness and fluidity.

There is a relationship between sky and the land, although they are so far apart, and I employ vertical compositions to make this point. Rains come down from the above and they feed the land, which embodies seeds.I want to describe the up and down movements between sky and land, the interdependency between the two, and the common living forms that connect both worlds which are represented as the seeds and plants. They eventually represent us.